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March 17, 2008

Time Section 1 (primary, secondary) Section 2 (higher education, academic, adults) Section 3 (ICT in language teaching)
11:30-12:30 Effective classroom teacher – how to become one? Piret Kärtner (Estonia)
12:40-14:20 Write ON: Students writing to students Robin Gingerich (Lithuania) Making Writing Fun: I-search Project in the EFL Writing Classroom Michelle Foshee (Kosovo) Finding the Literacy Level of Students Jennifer Holder (Hungary)
Using Film Clips in ESL Classroom Matthew Smith (Hungary) Developing learners’ communication strategies in ELT Natalja Zagura (Estonia)
15:30-17:45 Working Toward Style in Academic Writing Ene Alas (Estonia) Using Songs to Enliven Language Learning and Enlighten your Students Olivia Turner (Estonia) Using ICT for Language Learning Sergei Jegorov (Estonia)
Is teaching English enough? Empower students to make a difference in their world through Learn and Serve Maxine Pond (Lithuania) Secrets of overcoming the drudgery of giving feedback Jennifer Uhler (Estonia) Beyond Word and PowerPoint Jennifer Holder/Matthew Smith (Hungary)
Make it real: successful ideas for role-plays Robin Gingerich (Lithuania) Using Limerick to support teaching grammar in the EFL classroom Jon Poynter (Estonia)

March 18, 2008

Time Section 1 (primary, secondary) Section 2 (higher education, academic, adults)
9:00-10:30 Connecting Three Phases in Reading: Using Graphic Organizers to Provoke Critical Thinking in the English Language Classroom Emily Ferlis (Bulgaria) Internet-Based Tools and Resources for (T)EFL Gergo Santha (Hungary)
The article, an article Mark Faron (Estonia) How to become a (more) successful language learner? Ene Peterson (Estonia)
11:00- 12:30 Using Films for Teaching English Irina Petrova (Estonia) Kosovo in Transition: The Perspective of youth Kirsten Mashinter (Kosovo)
Tools for Teachers Aet Sarv (Estonia) Restricted collocations in ESP of Engineering: Friends and false friends of Estonian students Terje Keldoja and Kaarin Raud (Estonia)
13:30-15:00 Did we miss the moral? Re-examining the story of ethics in the language classroom Jennifer Uhler and Kristina Mullamaa (Estonia) Supervising student research Piret Kärtner (Estonia)

Additional Conference Presentations

Author’s Self-Reference in Academic Texts in Russian and English Vjatšeslav Konovalov (Estonia)

Benefits of Experiential Learning for English Language and Literary Studies on the Example of “Oleanna” by David Mamet Nina Raud & Anna Golubeva (Estonia)

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