How to become a (more) successful language learner?

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Ene Peterson (Estonia)

Learning a foreign language comes "naturally" for some students, with great difficulty for others. At tertiary level students are expected to be independent and self-motivated. But is it always like that? I doubt. How to help students discover their personal resources and identify their skills_ How to combine aspects of online and face-to-face instruction? Maybe you'll find some activities useful for your students too; come and see for yourself.

Presentation Slides

Appendix 1: Needs Analysis

Appendix 2: Steps Process

Appendix 3: Essay

Appendix 4: Web Quest 1

Appendix 5: Web Quest 2

Appendix 6: Summary Memory

Appendix 7: Jigsaw

Appendix 8: Peer Response

Appendix 9: Self Evaluation

Appendix 10: Resources

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